Local Kizitos

Posted on Sep 09, 2016

Buying local is a trend that is getting bigger by the minute. Kizito is a proud, locally-owned company in Louisville through and through. Elizabeth started from just a food cart back in the late 80’s, where she served her soon-to-be-famous cookies on the streets of downtown. With the success of her food cart, or might we say “cookie cart,” and the help of some wonderful friends and her dear mother, Elizabeth was able to start a permanent location in the Highlands. They proudly partner with retail, restaurants, and cafés in the area to provide their customers with Kizito’s famous cookies made right here in The Highlands.

In our bakery, our customers have the option to purchase a single cookie or an assorted dozen, because we know our signature chocolate chip cookie isn’t the only option in this big cookie world! Our bakery offers other sweet treats to go with our cookies, such as our house made brownies, biscottis, muffins, and our healthy option - granola. Our bakery doubles not only as a bakery, but as an African art Gallery as well.

We love our neighborhood and the Louisville community! Often times, our customers see our cookies around town but do not realize we are located right here in the Highlands. Don’t forget to stop by and visit us in our bakery, or say hello to the cookie lady next time you’re at a Bats or Louisville City game!