African Sweet Treats

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To some cooking is an art, and for us we couldn't agree more. From the first time Elizabeth had a cookie, she had to learn how to make it for herself, and from that Kizito Cookies and Bakery was born! As we have said in past blogs, Elizabeth had never had an American cookie before moving to the US because there was nothing like it in Uganda. We wanted to highlight some native sweet treats to Africa and share the recipe.

In Uganda, many sweet treats are made out of fresh and dry native fruits, nuts, raisins, and pistachios. These sweet treats are very simple to make, but the ingredients are delicacies and not always easy to come by. Two desserts that we would like to feature are sim sim cookies and coconut candy. The sim sim cookie is not what Americans would typically classify as a “cookie.” This African dessert is made up of simple sesame seeds and sugar. Take these ingredients and cook until the sugar is liquified and then pour out onto a flat surface until cooled. Cut into square pieces and enjoy.

The next recipe is enjoyed all across Africa, and that is coconut candy. This is made with coconut, cinnamon, salt, and sugar. This is a little more complicated so we wrote it out step by step. First, remember to remove the coconut meat and run it over a grater.

1. Pour the coconut juice into the pot.
2. Add the icing sugar (powdered sugar). Stir.
3. Add the tiny coconut pieces and stir.
4. Add water to the same level as the coconut pieces.
5. Cover the pot and set to boil at high heat. Once the contents start boiling, stir continuously till all the water is just about evaporated.
6. Reduce to low heat and continue stirring.
7. At this time, you will notice that the contents have started sticking together. That is the sugar caramelizing.
8. Keep stirring until the coconut pieces start turning slightly brown.
9. Turn off the heat and scoop the very hot coconut candy onto a flat plate and leave to cool down.

A famous pastry more local to us is the Kabalagala . This treat is named for a section of the city in Kampala, Uganda, and is made of fresh banana’s and cassava flour, than fried like a fritter making for a tasty sweet treat .

Try these for a delicious cultural treat and stop by our bakery any time! We would love to see you!





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