The Grey Crowned Crane

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A few blogs ago we talked about the crane as Uganda’s national symbol, but why is this so? Let’s take a look! First things first, there are 16 crane species in the world, four of these species live in Uganda with the grey crowned crane being the most loved by the people of Uganda.

According to many of the tribes in Uganda the Grey Crowned Crane helps tell the time of day depending on what sound it  makes. The crane is considered to be a symbol of relaxation and joy, and it is said that if you sing and clap your hands to a certain song the crane will nod its head as if to dance. This truly shows and symbolizes the happiness of the Ugandan people.

The Grey Crowned Crane can be found most any where from swamps to dry grassy lands. It has a wide range diet from fish, insects, lizards, grass and seeds. This diet allows the bird to live all over Uganda. Some say this is why it is the national bird because it can be found all over the country.

The Grey Crowned Crane was first used in the nations flag in 1914 when it was approved to be used as a symbol on the Union Jack for the Colony of Uganda. Since that time, the crane has been used in every flag since, including the one that is used today. The crane also stands alone as a symbol of the country that people are extremely proud of. Though the Grey Crown Crane lives all over the country of Uganda and across Africa, it breeds specifically in swampy areas. Now that technologies have allowed people to live and farm in swampy areas, this puts the cranes existence in danger. However, there are several groups working to help preserve this beloved species of crane.

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