Black History Month

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February is black history month. Black history month has been celebrated every February since 1915; 50 years after slavery was abolished. The whole idea behind the month is to honor the achievements that African Americans have accomplished  throughout United States history. Other countries like Canada and the UK have followed suite, making February a month to step back and reflect on the incredible accomplishment that African Americans have contributed to society.

The American dream is so important to Kizito’s identity. We felt that Black History month and the American dream go hand in hand, so we thought we would reflect and share.

When Elizabeth moved to the US, she realized very quickly what many African Americans did before. Here in the US, anything is possible if you work hard for what you believe in. From the famous past African American examples like Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, and even Michael Jordan; to just your average guy. These people desired to be successful leaders in their community, and learned not take no for an answer. We adore that at Kizito Cookies because that is exactly how we made it to where we are now. It is crazy to think that we started from a make shift bar cart to where we are today. With every “you can’t do this,” from a select few and encouragement from old and new friends made during our journey, we fought to succeed the American dream, and guess what…we did! Come see us on Bardstown Road! We would love to share our african art, stories, and our cookies with you.

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