The Mistake Cookie

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The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie was Ruth Graves Wakefield. Kizito Cookies is forever indebted to this woman for making this delicious recipe. We are extremely proud of our recipe but wanted to share how the original chocolate chip cookie came about.

Wakefield made this recipe by completely by accident! It all happened while she was making dessert for her guests at an Inn that she ran with her husband called the Toll House Inn. One night while making cookies she realized that she was missing one important ingredient: baking chocolate. To substitute her original baking ingredient, she took a semi-sweet chocolate bar and chopped it up. What she realized was that unlike the baking chocolate, the semi-sweet, chopped chocolate bar did not blend with the rest of the recipe. Thus a classic dessert was born!

Come to find out the semi-sweet chocolate bar that was used in the first batch of cookies was a gift to the Toll House Inn from the owner of the Nestle Chocolate Company, Andrew Nestle. Once the Toll House Cookie recipe got popular, the sale of Nestle chocolate bars sky rocketed. As a result, Wakefield sold her cookie recipe to him where he, in turn, gave her a lifetime supply of chocolate. Still to this day the original toll house cookie recipe is printed on every bag of chocolate chips made by Nestle.

Wakefield died in 1977, and her Inn burned down in 1984. Today there are so many chocolate chip manufacturers and chocolate chip cookie recipes but, always remember, the original came from a mistake in Whitman, Massachusetts at the Toll House Inn. Stop by our bakery on Bardstown Road and try our version of the worlds most famous cookie


Source: All About Chocolate Cookies 


  • Posted by Ira on Dec 07, 2016

    And may I say that your cookies are truly amazing! Thank you for baking Elizabeth!!!

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