Throw it Back to '87

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From 6-9 p.m. on June 24th, Kizito Cookies will be taking us back in time with the lowest cookie prices sense 1987. Elizabeth will be out in front of her bakery selling her famous cookies at the original price of 2 cookies for a dollar from the original street vendor cart that started it all. Much has changed since that time, but 1987 will always be remembered as a great year for Kizitos. In case you may have forgotten, or maybe were too young to remember, here are the events in pop culture that made ‘87 unforgettable.

The Basics

-  Gas was .95 cents

-  Average rent was $395

-  The most popular car was the Ford Escort, starting at $6,895

Music + Movies

-  The top song on the billboard charts was, “With or Without You” by U2

-  Janet Jacksons album “Control” was the #1 album of the year

-  “Three Men and a Baby” was the top grossing film at the box office, coming in at $167,780,960 and over 42 million tickets sold


Sports + Athletes

  • The Washington Redskins were Super Bowl XXII Champions
  • The Minnesota Twins were World Series Champions
  • Micheal Jordan was arguably the most famous athlete in the country

In 1987 when Elizabeth started Kizitos Cookies, it consisted of her, an old bar cart that was transformed into a vendors cart, and her son. As time has passed, Elizabeth looked back through the years to see all the love and continued support from the Louisville community, and has loved every minute of her living the American dream. Elizabeth went from selling cookies on the streets to make some extra cash, to being a local favorite. Come out and celebrate with us as we throw it back to ’87.

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