Uganda - A Tourist Destination

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Uganda has some of the most underrated tourist spots in the world with an abundance of wild life, and natural beauty to see. In Europe, Africa is a popular vacation place for adventure seekers but, relative to the majority of the world, it is never really considered. When you go to the city capital of Kampala it may look like a modern day city, but Uganda still has it’s roots in wild life and adventure with a few modern places in between.


Some will say that Kampala is an African city with an Asian “big city” feel. Like with other big cities around the world, there are plenty of restaurants and museums to see. We suggest that you experience what it is like to ride on a Boda Boda, a Ugandan Motorcycle taxi. Another recommendation is to visit the beautiful churches that Kampala has to offer, along with the Bahai Temple. Fun fact: the equator is located 37 miles south of the city and that is something worth snapping a few pictures of as well.


Gorilla Trekking

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Uganda. There are only 3 countries in Africa that have gorillas. As one of the three, Uganda also has the largest population of gorillas out of the three. If gorillas aren’t your thing, there are many other animals that can be found on safari trips as well.

White Water Rafting

 The Nile River starts in Uganda and is the longest river in the world. What better way to explore the Nile then to go white water rafting? These trips are relatively inexpensive and can last as long as an afternoon trip all the way up to a 3 day adventure.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the source of the Nile River and has some breath-taking views. Lake Victoria is the second biggest fresh water lake in the world, second to Lake Superior in the United States. Africa’s biggest great lake has several beaches, including some secluded ones that could take up to eight hours to get to.

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