Five Colors and A Crane

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Along with the United States flag, the Ugandan flag has had many variations due to British colonization. Uganda’s flag that is in use is a symbol of pride for the people of the country. The current flag was commissioned to the Ugandan Congress and put into use in 1962. The flag is especially unique because it consists of five colors more than any other country’s flag in the world. Here are the meanings behind the flag and the progression of our past flags to what we have today.

Black Strips

Black represents the color of the people in the country.

Yellow Strip

Yellow stands for the equator and sunshine the is constant  in the country.

Red Strips

Red stands for the brother of Africans and the blood that was shed to fight for the country.

The Crown Crane

The crane has been a symbol of the country since the British had control of the state and is something that Ugandans take pride in. The Crane has one foot lifted up symbolizing the country is always progressing.

Present day Flag 

(1962- Present)

Ugandan National Flag 

(March 1962- April 1962

Flag of the Uganda Protectorate 

(1914-March 1962)

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